Welcome to the High Rock Trekkers

The High Rock Trekkers (HRT) is a nonprofit organization comprised of 4-wheelers from several states.  Their goal is to promote family 4-wheeling and to protect the country’s natural resources and the preservation of early emigrant trails.

Over the past 20+ years, HRT have contributed hundreds of hours performing conservation projects in the Black Rock Desert and the High Rock Canyon, such as:

  • Installing gates for seasonal closures of sensitive areas to protect the bald eagle and big horn sheep during breeding and birthing seasons
  • Installing culverts to protect roads at water crossings
  • Building fences around hot springs
  • Designed, Constructed and installed register boxes
  • Designed and printed brochures for register boxes
  • Performed maintenance and restoration on the cabins at Stevens Camp and Conlin Camp
  • Cleaned illegal garbage dumpsites from various locations
  • Installed barriers to protect meadows from vehicular traffic

HRT hosts an annual tour of the Historic Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail.  Here’s what some of the participants have said when asked what they enjoyed about this trip:

  • “The outdoors, the comradeship among the guides.  Their knowledge of the land was great.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will consider doing it again next year.”  Monte Baker  2007
  • “The stay at Double Hot Springs – beautiful country.  Loved the narrations.  Love the staff!  Good setup & food quality.  ”Deana & Jim Hansen  2007
  • “The beautiful country and chance to see where a significant event(s) in our history took place.  This trip truly makes a person appreciate what the Pioneers faced…”  Smokey Reed  2007
  • “History in grade (school) was never this interesting.”  Ann Dinwiddie  2007
  • “This was a great trip.  Historical information was great.  The organization of the High Rock Trekkers is incredible, and the people were so friendly.  Meal crew was great!” Keith and JoAnn Anderson  2006
  • “As a newbie and not knowing what to expect, had a great time, learned a lot, made some new friends.”  Scott and John Walberg  2006
  • “Great Historical Trip.  Warner could make this a college class; his knowledge is great.”  Donald Bourquin  2006
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