Lassen-Applegate Emmigrant Trail Ride

Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail Ride

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Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail Ride cancelled for 2022

In search of the Forty-Niners – This is a guided 4-wheel drive tour of the 1849 wagon route used by thousands of emigrants from Mill City, Nevada to Surprise Valley, California. Superb desert and mountain scenery with many historical points of interest, led by experienced guides. The High Rock Trekkers have hosted this annual trail ride since 1994. All quality meals and basic camping facilities are provided. Limited to 25 vehicles.

This is a 4WD trip for high clearance 4WD vehicles only. The route used will follow the same trail heavily used during the Gold Rush (1849-1852) with exception of a few areas where the original trail still remains in relatively pristine condition and needs to be preserved. The condition of the road ranges from maintained county roads to un-maintained 4WD trails.

The Emigrants wrote in their diaries such a good description of this trip that we can identify all of the key points of interest in the history of the route. It is not a difficult trip but there are places where 4WD will be required or where trail committee instructions must be followed.

The price is $275* for adults and $150* for children age 7 to 14. Children under 7 are free. Bring your own tent, chairs, sleeping bags, snacks, refreshments and plenty of drinking water. A travel guide with a map will be provided for each vehicle so that you may keep track of your progress and learn what the emigrants wrote down about their harrowing experiences.

*Prices are subject to change.


Jami Walker
High Rock Trekkers President
(916) 806-6121


“The outdoors, the comradeship among the guides. Their knowledge of the land was great. We really enjoyed ourselves and will consider doing it again next year.”
Monte Baker 2007

“The stay at Double Hot Springs – beautiful country. Loved the narrations. Love the staff! Good setup & food quality. ”
Deana & Jim Hansen 2007

“The beautiful country and chance to see where a significant event(s) in our history took place. This trip truly makes a person appreciate what the Pioneers faced…”
Smokey Reed 2007

History in grade (school) was never this interesting.”
Ann Dinwiddie 2007

“This was a great trip. Historical information was great. The organization of the High Rock Trekkers is incredible, and the people were so friendly. Meal crew was great!”
Keith and JoAnn Anderson 2006

“As a newbie and not knowing what to expect, had a great time, learned a lot, made some new friends.”
Scott and John Walberg 2006

“Great Historical Trip. Warner could make this a college class; his knowledge is great.”
Donald Bourquin 2006

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Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail Ride 2021

Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail Ride 2014